These are 90-120 minute indoor rides and they include real course simulations of climbing, tempo, and rolling hills.  Big screen TVs hanging from the ceiling provide cycling and triathlon-based entertainment, while the screens in front of cyclists provide real time data, including power, cadence, KiloJoules, speed and other metrics.

You ride a helmet cam or dashboard video of the actual outdoor ride as you do the course at your own intensity in a group setting.

A ride report is emailed immediately after the workout. 
Flash rides are offered on weekends or holidays only. They are not regularly scheduled rides.

If the weather looks cold, rainy, or excessively hot/bad ozone days, expect one one to be added to the schedule just a few days in advance.

Rides are announced through email as well as on our Facebook and Twitter page.

Flash Rides will be announced in the week prior to inclement weather weekends. They are $35 preregister and $40 onsite. They are good for that weekend only. No refunds.

*Weekly Punch cards and Weekly unlimited membership do not include Flash Rides.
This class is taught by:

Rana Zahedi

Coach Rana has been a cycling instructor since 1989. She began racing when she was 15, and has a global pedigree in the bike world, having ridden and raced in four continents. She's passionate for saving animals and runs a dog rescue service with her longtime boyfriend, Paul. She's famous for her excellent music and playlists, and everyone LOVES her coaching style, so check it out!!! 

Richard Wharton

Cycling Center Dallas is led by Coach Richard Wharton, a certified Level 1 Elite coach through USA Cycling. Coaching since 1993, Richard brings several unique levels of experience to your coaching, including pioneering the concept of indoor wattage-based group training. Coach Wharton has been published in magazines and scientific journals and has lectured as a proponent of wattage-based training since 1995. He has also consulted with multiple corporations globally on power meters and the application of wattage for cycling fitness.

Tracy Christenson

Coach Tracy Christenson has been training and coaching in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for nearly 10 years. With a background in human performance and strength and conditioning, as well as competitive experience in cycling and triathlons, Tracy is uniquely qualified to help individuals at all levels of the athletic spectrum, from beginner to professional athlete.

Tracy holds a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Human Performance from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Through the NSCA. Tracy is a level 2 USA Cycling coach and a level 1 USA Triathlon coach. She is certified to perform Functional Movement Screening, a process by which basic movement patterns are examined and assessed for dysfunction. She also holds a TRX suspension training certification.