The Cycling Performance Classes consist of 60 Minutes of intervals that will help you improve your stamina, speed and strength when riding outside. Classes follow a 4 to 8 week protocol of progression, which can be modified by your coach to increase or decrease intensity, based on how quickly you improve.

Workouts are held in a group setting, but are individually tailored and adjusted to fit your abilities and experience level. The workouts provide you with goals and instant feedback on how you are doing.

Reports of your ride are also generated and emailed after each class, along with files, so you can track your workouts and see success or improvements in multiple areas. Our on-site, Certified Coaches, will help you understand and use this feedback to both motivate and help you get the most out of each class.

Our indoor cycling workouts provide a safe environment where you don’t have to worry about weather, traffic, dogs or potholes. You’re guaranteed to get a good workout and a great experience while you push yourself to new limits!

***Arrive 30 minutes early so you may set up and properly warm up.

Pricing is as follows for Performance Cycling Classes:

  • $30 First Time Class with Skewer Included
  • $40 Single Class
  • $150 Five Class Punch Card ($30 per class)
  • $250 Ten Class Punch Card ($25 per class)
  • $230 per month Unlimited Weekly Cycling Classes
Punch Cards and The Unlimited Weekly includes all weekly Performance Cycling Classes, Open Rides and Hotter’N’Hell Classes.

*Punch Cards expire in 70 days.

This class is taught by:

Richard Wharton

Cycling Center Dallas is led by Coach Richard Wharton, a certified Level 1 Elite coach through USA Cycling. Coaching since 1993, Richard brings several unique levels of experience to your coaching, including pioneering the concept of indoor wattage-based group training. Coach Wharton has been published in magazines and scientific journals and has lectured as a proponent of wattage-based training since 1995. He has also consulted with multiple corporations globally on power meters and the application of wattage for cycling fitness.