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Welcome!   We’re so excited you’re considering joining Cycling Center Dallas.

Indoor Component for Beginners 

This is where we recommend you start. The indoor classes are a great cycling dallas-0496place for beginners because you will be able to get comfortable using you bike in a safe environment. We will not only get you fit enough to enjoy the ride, we will also teach you how to use your gears, pedal more efficiently, and ride on various terrain, and much more! You wont have to worry about traffic, pot holes, avoid obstacles or other riders, ect. 
  • Coming for your first class?  Just register online or through our app, at the location of your choice to confirm your spot in class. 
  • Remember to drink and eat throughout the day, before and after your ride with us. Nutrition and hydration are important elements of a great ride, and we want to make sure you're prepared. 
  • Our coaches will help you properly set up your bike, and warm up. Try to show up about 30 minutes before class if possible. 
  • Show up with your bike, cycling shoes, water and towel. There are bathrooms and changing rooms available for those coming in before or after work.
  • Bicycles with slick rear tires work the best on our trainers. If you have questions, please feel free to call us to discuss, or come by and we can help you determine whether your bike will work or needs to be changed up in some way.
Don't have a bike? We have loaner bikes available! We love having those considering getting into cycling, as well as those who don't ride outside and are just looking for a dynamic, fun way to improve their fitness, come in as well.   There is no charge to use a loaner bike, but reservations are required. Call us to confirm.

Outdoor Component for Beginners 

We often host outdoor private sessions as well as skills clinics.  The clinics include learning and practicing essential cycling skills, including turning, climbing, using your gears properly, avoiding obstacles and riding in traffic.   We also have occasional clinic covering more advanced skills of group riding, drafting and pace lining. Sign up for our Email list to get announcements on clinics being offered or contact us to set up a private session. 

Community Events. 

We love to see our clients using the skills and fitness developed in the studio, out on the road!  We strive to provide resources as well

 as a presence at as many of the local cycling events as possible.  These include local rallies, charity events and group rides for cyclist at a variety of levels.  The indoor classes are also a great place to meet other cyclist who ride at your level and many of our clients have found riding partners or riding groups through attending classes.

The most important thing is to enjoy your cycling experience, because that is what will keep you wanting more.  We are here to give you as many resources as we can to make this happen!