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Whether you are just starting cycling or exercise training, or are already at high levels of training, getting a movement assessment is a great way to make sure you are not putting harmful stresses and strains on your body during workout sessions. Over time, habits form which can lead to less efficient pedaling, walking, running, and lifting. This is particularly important to those who have sedentary lifestyles during the day due to work or other demands and then train hard in the evenings and on weekends.


A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) looks for weak areas in mobility, stability and strength that not only could slow you down and result in inefficient movement but could also result in aches, pains and injuries that could sideline your training altogether. 


A Functional Movement Screen performs the following:


  • Tests seven basic movement patterns.
  • Takes less than ten minutes.
  • Identifies muscle and joint weaknesses and asymmetries that can increase your chances of injury



  • Provides your FMS expert with the information needed to customize workouts which will help strengthen your core, and optimize your performance.
  • Tracks your progress.
  • Gets you moving properly! 


  • Functional Movement Screening, and the subsequent corrective approaches, have been shown to reduce both risk factors for injuries, and the costs associated with those injuries, when they happen. 



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