PerfPro Threshold Intervals This Week.

SuHere are a few images from this morning's intervals. 

4 by 6min intervals PerfPro Studio

The goal for these was the following:

  • First 2 minutes at 90% of Critical Power (Threshold).
  • The third minute at 95% of CP.
  • Fourth minute right at 100% of CP.
  • The fifth minute, we would rise above CP, and ride at 105%.
  • Finally, in the sixth minute, the riders were set to ride at 110% of Critical power, 

This was repeated four times, with 3 minutes of recovery in between. 

Finally - the last interval for the day was 90 seconds at any intensity the riders felt like attempting. It's usually a good way to end with a bang!

The results were pretty nice - here are some images from riders as they completed the intervals. 

Allene Cashmore - 2018-05-22T06-53-02 - Snapshot


Alison Elmquist - 2018-05-22T06-52-59 - Snapshot

The goal for the intervals was exactly what's being displayed; start below Critical Power, learn to persevere, then increase the intensity slightly, until it's either at, or just above CP. Time above CP is always limited, but it's good to spend time up there, and really stretch out the lungs as Vo2 drift occurs. 

And that's the point - to get into Vo2 max areas of intensity. The workout is deceptively difficult, and now that the 7:30am class is undertaking it, they're a bit more awake and alive, and they're nailing it!

Suffer in the room, so you can enjoy the rides you take outside! 

More to come!


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