The Tour de France is Here! Read on for 21 Tips over 21 Days of Cycling in July!

Stage 1 Tour de France 2015

The Tour de France began on Saturday, and if you're a cycling enthusiast, there is no better way to celebrate cycling and fitness than to watch and follow the Tour!

The winner of Stage 1, Dennis Rohan, rode the 8.6 mile course (slightly less distance than a lap around Dallas' White Rock Lake), in just under 15 minutes. The other cyclists followed behind, with the slowest cyclist finishing in 18 minutes and 30 seconds. It was a flat course in Utrecht, Netherlands, and it set the stage for some incredible cycling to come.

Several cyclists commented on their ability to handle the heat, and it was only made worse, when they donned their skinsuits and aero helmets, which are designed to cheat the wind, but not necessarily ventilate heat from the head all that well.

What can YOU accomplish on a bike in 15 minutes? Try it and see. Can you keep pedaling that long? Can you do it seated, or do you need to stand? Are you cycling for leisure, or are you dedicating yourself to riding at increased intensity, so you can improve your fitness? Are you drinking enough fluid?

Fifteen minutes can feel like an eternity, but it can also be short enough that it's something you can accomplish. Next time you ride, inside or out, watch the clock. After a good warmup, see what you can do in fifteen minutes. Break it down in to 5 minute periods. Watch your cadence. Listen to your breathing. Shift when you start to grind your gears. They say that the faster your speed, the slower time travels, so live in the moment, take several drinks along the way, and when it's over, reflect on where you are, versus where you were that short time ago.

Dedicate yourself to fifteen minutes of intensity every day this week, be it all at once, or broken down in to intervals with recovery, and watch your cycling change!
Thanks, and if you have any questions about this tip or your cycling, give us a call or just stop by before our evening classes!


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