TRX Suspension Training: Push-up

5 Steps to Performing TRX Push-Ups Correctly


Why you need this?

This will improve your strength and ability to both move and control your body.  This pushing exercises strengthens multiple muscle groups while requiring stabilization through the core. 

The TRX push-ups(keyword) help cyclists improve upper body strength and support your upper body riding position.  This will improve fatigue resistance on the bike and increase comfort. Additionally, if you are a swimmer the TRX Push-up will help with improved swim stroke and speed.  For runners, the added strength will help with arm swing and acceleration during your kick.

Training the body to better support and control its mass while in an unstable position can make for better control on the bike when adversity hits(wind gusts, unexpected potholes).

Muscle Groups Worked:
Primary focus: Muscles of the Chest and Shoulders

Secondary focus: Muscles of the arms are used to assist the movement, and muscles of the core are used to stabilize position

Exercise Steps:
1.  Facing outward, hold the end of each strap a handle in each hand and get into place your feet in a shoulder width or slightly wider stance. 

2.  Start with a forward lean into the straps with both arms extended. 

3.  Engage the core, and keep a straight body position from your head to feet. 

4.  Allow arms to bend and descend the body downwards until you achieve a 90-degree bend in the elbows, and your elbows align with your shoulders.  (Stop descending before your elbows go behind your shoulders.)

5.  Re-engage the core, and push yourself back up, extending your arms and exhaling as you do so.

             Starting Position                                   Finishing Position
 130804_3302       trxsmaller_copy


Tips and Progression:
To add difficulty to the exercise, simply step back to load more of your body weight onto the straps.  To reduce difficulty, step forward to support more of your body weight with your feet.

To focus on improving balance and stability during this exercise, narrow your foot position, or progress to standing on one foot only.  This will narrow your base of support, which gives you less stability, and Having a less stable base of support results in your body and core muscles having to do more work to control your position. 

Adjust your resistance during the exercises to perform a set of varying resistance.  For example, lessen resistance as you fatigue by stepping forward during the set to allow you to squeeze out some extra repetitions.

Training the body to better support and control its mass while in an unstable position can make for a better control of the bike when adversity hits(wind gusts, unexpected potholes).
Complimentary Exercises:
2 additional exercises to incorporate into your routine that are complimentary to the TRX Push-up(keyword) are:

Exercise 1: TRX Row - targets the Opposing muscle groups pf the back and biceps

Exercise 2: TRX Reverse Lunge -  Targets lower body strength and stability to compliment the upperbody movement. 


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December 31, 201800:24
It is really the true way of exercise this type of exercise even have not been taught at the paperchoice I am really thankful to you for this. Please tell me the true way of doing push ups because I used to do push ups which was not beneficial for me.