Information Overload? TMI? Are You Kidding?

Watts, Cadence, Heart Rate, Muscle Oxygen, Iron Count, Anaerobic Work Capacity, KiloJoules. ALL of it matters!

I've been accused of a lot of things, but when it comes to the collection, assessment, and conversion of data in to knowledge and coaching for cyclists, DON'T YOU DARE ACCUSE ME OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!! IT IS MY JOB, IT IS MY PASSION, IT IS MY EQUIPMENT, AND YOU GET THE BENEFIT OF USING AND LEARNING FROM IT IN YOUR EFFORTS TO BECOME A BETTER, STRONGER, MORE COMPETENT AND CONFIDENT CYCLIST. You don't have to be a PRO to get PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT and ATTENTION. I think a lot of the comments are masked envy, but everyone is welcome at my studios. You have to bring a beginner's mind (I certainly do, I'm not that smug), but for $25-30 per session, and 60-90 minutes per session, NO ONE can give you a better workout with more specific acute goals designed to help you accomplish a long-term goal. It boggles my mind that more people don't take advantage of it - YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANY OF THIS, OTHER THAN THE FACT THAT IT WILL HELP YOU BE A BETTER CYCLIST OR TRIATHLETE!!!!!!! AS THE ATHLETE, YOUR JOB IS TO PERCEIVE, THE COACH'S JOB IS TO ANALYZE AND PROVIDE POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, AND ADJUST THE EFFORT TO PROVIDE A PROPER TRAINING DOSE. 

The result is looking back at where you have been, what you've accomplished, acutely and long-term, and realizing that anythings is possible. 

You doubt me? You hate me? You doubt yourself? I care. I give my life to caring about others. So comment, challenge, sound off, but unless you ENGAGE, you are NOT GROWING.


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