PLEASE Do Not Drive Your Bike Wearing Earbuds... It's Just So irresponsible!!

Wearing Earbuds When Cycling is Selfish and Unsafe
Okay, I have seen this far too many times over the last several weeks went out on rides. Cyclists, when you ride your bike with earbuds, you are giving yourself a sensory handicap. Bicycles are vehicles bicyclists are drivers and we are inherently unstable because of the fact that we are riding on two wheels instead of four, and we are writing at speeds which are slow for the rest of traffic, but high for our own senses. Remember, not long ago all we did was walk or ride on top of horses.

Wearing Earbuds When Cycling is Irresponsible and Dangerous.When you ride a bike with earbuds, you are depriving yourself of situational awareness. Earbuds make you focus more on the music, and less on your surroundings. Far too often we see anecdotes of distracted cyclists and motorists who are prevented from doing their number one job, which is driving with traffic in traffic and through traffic, towards their destinations, or using the road for whatever purpose, as long as it is legal. Cyclists need to depend on all five senses, and yes, I even include taste, in order to drive their bicycles more safely. We spend a lot of time focusing our disdain on motorists who are eating in the car, brushing their hair in the car, feeding their children in the car, reaching into the back for lost items, texting, even simply playing with the radio dial, and yet we inexcusably give cyclists a pass when they ride down the road, not looking around, and moving to the beat of their favorite song. I would even go so far as to say that if it weren't for the sake of noise pollution affecting others, that the new generation of bike handlebar Bluetooth speakers would be just fine.

In a perfect world, you should not have to worryHandlebar Speakers are Safer, but May be a Distraction for Others about what other road users are doing. That said, we have to be pragmatic and accept the fact that we live in dense urban areas, with high loads of traffic, many hours a day, and even the trails where some of you choose to ride, are made less safe by your selfish cycling practices. This is not a rant, but a strong urging and request that you remove your earbuds, write songs in your head, and focus more on your surroundings.

It will definitely make you a better cyclist, and while we cannot disprove a negative, it could very well be something that could save you from injury or worse.Unplug Your Earphones and Enjoy the Ride!


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